I am Blessed!!!!!!!

This is my family, my life!!!!

Drew Michael

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Makyna Reese

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Kynlee Blake

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My Babies

My Babies

Growing way too fast!

Growing way too fast!

Kynlee Blake 9-20-15

Kynlee Blake 9-20-15
Sweet Baby Girl

So Sweet!

So Sweet!

Joys Of My Life!

Joys Of My Life!

Precious Angels!!!!

Precious Angels!!!!
Our Sweet Little Boy!

Sweet baby girl!

Sweet Baby Girls!

Sweet Baby Girls!

Makyna at Opryland Hotel!

Our Sweet little Girl!

Our Sweet little Girl!
I am getting too big!

My Sweet Angels!!

My Sweet Angels!!
Lord, always keep your hands on them!


Monday, January 12, 2015

Catching up!

So much has happened in our lives since I last posted 3 years ago!  Drew has started school and is now in the 2nd grade, Makyna has started school and is in Kindergarten,  David has started college and will be graduating in December of 2015 with a Criminal Justice Degree,  Derek has married Ashley ( who is in dental hygiene school and will graduate in July) and purchased a home,  Darryl has crossed over to the fire side of the fire department!  A lot can happen in a few short years I guess!  Life is good and I am still living that "I am Blessed" life!!

1st year baseball!

Four Generations!
2nd Year Baseball

Sweet Pea had to have a TuTu!

His Uncle Derek and David put theirs hands on their helmet too when they were on base! 

Love this little Boy!!

A ball was overthrown!  Drew caught it!!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Getting back to the Blog!

Good place to start is with these Two!!  They are one of the biggest parts of my life!!
To be continued!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lost our Sweet Dooley today!!

This morning after taking Drew to school, Tony came home to find Dooley had been hit by a car and had to take him to the vet where they said nothing could be done for him. Tony had to make that decision we all dread to have him put down. We will miss him so much but, none will miss him I think as much as our Sweet Drew!! Dooley was always so close by when the kiddos were outside playing. He was always with Tony, whether he was working in the barn or somewhere on the property. He was a great guard dog!!

I will always remember that shy acting little dog! When you called him he came wagging his nub of a tail and almost crawled towards you.


Friday, June 3, 2011

I guess I am back in the cake business!

Back before Tony and I married, Grandmama and I went to McGavock and took a cake decorating class!! When Darryl and Derek were little I made all their birthday cakes. Then Mom took classes and she made all the kids their cakes. This past March, she has been gone 12 years and we miss her dearly and her cakes. She did the best job and the kids always were excited over the ones she made for them. Last year Tiff decided we would make Makyna's cake and of course we could not go without making sweet Drew one this year. I had forgotten how much better the icing taste on the homemade ones, not to mention it is so much cheaper! With that said I guess I am back to making cakes again and actually I am enjoying it!


Makyna's 2nd Year Birthday Cake!

Her Birthday and Party is tomorrow,

Happy Birthday Sweet Makyna, we all LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOU WILL EVER KNOW!!

Big Dave's Graduation Cake!
Derek's 27 year Birthday Cake!

Drew's 4 year old Birthday Cake!

This little boy loves baseball!!


Makyna's 1st Birthday Cake!

Her Very Own Special 1st Birthday Cake!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Having a girl is so much fun!!

Dresses I made Sweet Makyna this week!!

I love having a little girl!! Love all my boys too though!!

She loves going with me to pick out her material and stands by my sewing machine on the sewing basket while I sew and pins material. TOO CUTE!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Bitter - Sweet Day!!

Bitter - because we will miss our Little Minnie!!

Sweet - because she has been a loyal guard dog for almost 14 years and she went in her sleep!!

She was a true protector of our family and home and was loved by the whole family!!

Thank you girl for always meeting me at the back door!!